Naturally precious, Zultanite® has long been a benchmark for high quality gems and jewelry. As a worldwide acclaimed brand, Zultanite® stands for beautiful, color changing, rare and natural gemstone products. These attributes in tandem with their beguiling color pallet and exotic pedigree has made Zultanite® a favorite among gem and jewelry connoisseurs around the globe. Zultanite®’s colorful name references the 36 Sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire (1299-1923), prior to the formation of the modern Republic of Turkey.

Zultanite® is a trademark owned by GLOBAL LICENSING N.V. Specializing in world-wide strategic investments in the gas, oil and mining sectors. We offer our clients access to a wide range of investment opportunities, ranging from early startup to mature companies.

The Zultanite® brand stringently applies quality guarantees via proprietary, optimal and superior lapidary to maximize the inherent color change and scintillation (play of light); you can expect no enhancements or treatments; formalized calibrated cut standardization and strictly enforced eye-clean clarity, the highest quality clarity grade as determined by the world’s leading gemological laboratories. This ensures everyone who owns a branded Zultanite® receives untouched, natural gemstones expertly finished to reveal their hidden beauty.