A third generation jeweler, Christian Tse opened his own design house in 1996, launching his signature collection of platinum and gold mesh jewelry.  Inspired by romance and delicate beauty, he set his sights with a single goal to present the world with the finest jewelry and the most innovative designs to supplement a woman’s feminine beauty.

Combining innovative artistry with a keen focus on perfection in design and manufacturing, the Christian Tse collection was immediately well received and merited the 2000 and 2002 Couture Award for Best Design in Platinum. Christian is well recognized by editors, fashion stylists and celebrities who have worn his pieces in prestigious events and the silver screen.

Christian has since expanded his repertoire to include an exclusive collection of diamond jewelry in an intricate micro pave setting that integrates many rare colored diamonds and gemstones all incorporating Christian’s unique artistic eye.

Browse Christian’s Zultanite® creations on his website.