Daniel Gibbings came to the United States via Africa, Israel and England. His vision is a unique blend of cultures. Born in South Africa in 1958 he grew up surrounded by African tribal art and developed a sense of primitive design. He left Africa when he was 20 to study at the Jaffa School of Art in Israel, where he explored the metalwork of early civilizations. To further his skills, he moved to London to study at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, where he was taught a more traditional approach to metal smithing. His artistic vision transcends time and combines the old world with the new, creating luxury pieces that are timeless, mystical and soulful.

To try on a piece of his jewelry is to discover treasure unearthed. His collections evoke the richness and opulence of Byzantine and Roman cultures conjuring up the look and feel of an ancient archeological find, combined with a modern day aesthetic. Daniel’s signature jewelry collections – influenced by the art, history and culture of early civilizations, and by his extensive travels to exotic lands – have been set apart by unusual gemstones, intaglios, fragments of antiquity and high karat gold. While his design aesthetic blends a variety of influences and techniques, his intention is simple: that each piece of his jewelry, whether worn with an evening gown or blue jeans, whether it is a client’s first piece or twentieth, will reflect and enhance the wearer’s personal style.

Today his inspired works continue to earn the attention of his industry and a loyal following of clientele, celebrities and collectors around the world.

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