img-katflorencJewelry designer, KAT FLORENCE™ has always been inspired by literature, music, art and design. Kat’s jewelry reflects her eclectic background as a global traveler living in the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy and Thailand; every piece she creates embodies the culture and environments she has experienced.

Initially following her family’s passion for science, Kat studied Biology and Psychology, eventually obtaining a Masters in Education. Drawn to creatively expressing herself through her work, Kat took a position at an art-based international school in Asia.

While working and travelling, Kat began to develop her interest in jewelry design. Exploring and learning the trade in a ‘hand’s on’ method, Kat went directly to the workshop to gain an understanding of the limitations and ability of the materials she wanted to work with.

Kat’s style of jewelry design is timeless, radiating a romantic passion for life: “I believe the jewelry we wear reflects the passion we feel inside us, our identity and desire to be pulled in a specific direction”. Her affinity and understanding of the inherent intimacy of the gemstones and precious metals she works with is much of what makes her jewelry so uniquely compelling.

Browse Kat’s Zultanite® creations on her website here.