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Zultgems™ Increases Zultanite® Availability With Continued Growth In Market Demand And Awareness

BANGKOK, Thailand (12th August 2014) – ZULTGEMS™,authorized Zultanite®distributor, is pleased to announce an increased demand for the gem within the last 12 months, as well as some of their plans for the future. Beautiful, rare and ethically mined with environmentally safe techniques, Zultanite® is a natural color changing gemstone found at the world’s only Zultanite® mine in Turkey’s Anatolian Mountains.

After ongoing celebrity and media placements, in tandem with the gem’s appearance on two episodes of the internationally airing ‘Game of Stones’ series on Discovery Channel, Zultanite® has experienced a significant increase in market awareness. ZULTGEMS™ anticipates this demand will continue to grow through word of mouth and constant exposure as Zultanite® continues to solidify its position as an increasingly mainstream jewelry gemstone. Garnering recognition usually reserved for more established gemstones such as Tanzanite, Zultanite®’s increased demandis especially noteworthy considering the gem has only been commercially mined since 2006. The significant exposure of Zultanite® hasled to increased salesacross all sizes, with the greatest impact felt in calibrated gemstones, especially below 2 carats. ZULTGEMS™ recommenced lapidary of calibrated gemstones in the second quarter of 2014. Initial production is estimated at 1,000 carats per month with further increases expected in 2015, based on mine production. To augment its rough reserves, ZULTGEMS™ will recommence full scale mining in the third quarter of 2014. The mine is currently undergoing scheduled reclamation and anticipated monthly production is estimated at 20 kilos per month by the end of 2014. Mining will continue throughout 2015, while the estimated deposit life of this sole source is 10-15 years. Mining such a rare gemstone remains a challenge with up to 50,000 metric tons of the host rock (Bauxite) needing to be extracted to obtain just 1 kilo of rough Zultanite®. With a yield of only 2 percent, this results in only 100 carats of faceted gemstones.

ZULTGEMS™ continues to be successful in communicating Zultanite®’s unique attributes to global jewelry consumers through relationships with leading jewelry designers, regular repeat shows on an expanding selection of home shopping networks, and its presence on cruise lines in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Aside from meeting increased demand from existing customers, ZULTGEMS™ is planning to launch Zultanite® on several new home shopping networks in 2014 and 2015. Zultanite®’s continued popularitywith jewelry designers has led to ZULTGEMS™ latest collaboration withKat Florence™, whose Zultanite® jewelry has beenplacing on the red carpet since March 2014. Key to its success, the Zultanite® brand is a stringently applied quality guarantee with optimal lapidary to maximize inherent color change and scintillation;no enhancements or treatments; formalized calibrated cut standardization; and strictly enforced eye-clean clarity. This ensures everyone who owns a branded Zultanite® receives untouched, natural gemstones, expertly finished to reveal their hidden beauty. This commitment to quality has been critical in encouraging initial and increasingly repeated purchases. ZULTGEMS™ is also at the forefront of consumer protection with every Zultanite® they supply coming with the Zultanite® Authenticity Guarantee. ZULTGEMS™, in tandem with the trademark owners Global Licensing N.V., has also re-launched this month, providing a multitude of easily accessible information on Zultanite®, from jewelry worn on the red carpet to where the gems can bepurchased. Not surprisingly, this website is closely integrated with ZULTGEMS™ primary website,

Zultanite® wholesale prices have remained stable since ZULTGEMS™’ last price adjustment on 27thJanuary 2012. This price adjustment saw the prices for gems below 2 carats significantly decrease, and prices for gems above 2 carats increase by as much as 46 percent. Given the increased demand versus anticipated supply, future price increases seem inevitable. ZULTGEMS™ Sales & Marketing Director, Gavin Linsell states, ZULTGEMS™ will review its prices at the end of 2014 after analyzing current inventory, mine output, size rarity, and demand. Savvy gem consumers in tune with gemstone market dynamics, assessing the gem’s awareness, demand and attributes against its price and availability, will agreethere has never been a better time to purchase Zultanite®.