The unique beauty of Zultanite® lies in its contrasting colors, which change from kiwi greens with flashes of canary yellow under sunny skies, to rich champagnes in traditional indoor lighting and raspberry hues in candlelight. With 90 percent of all standard gemstones being only red, green or blue, Zultanite® stands out as a unique and limitless alternative.

Color changing gems show different colors when viewed under different light sources, such as sunlight and indoor light.

Color change is an uncommon phenomenon, making all color changing gemstones very rare. There are only a handful of color changing gemstones including Alexandrite, Color Change Fluorite, Color Change Garnet, Color Change Sapphire and Zultanite®. Unlike other color changing gemstones, Zultanite®’s color change is not limited to two basic colors. The same Zultanite® can exhibit sparks of canary yellow, cognac pink, ginger, kiwi green, raspberry pink, rich champagne and sage green.

One of Zultanite®’s most unique characteristics is that its best color changes are not dependent on dark tones. Like all gemstones, the larger the Zultanite®, the more striking the color change and the greater its color intensity.

Compared to other color changing gemstones, Zultanite®’s light sensitivity affords far more nuances and subtleties, which are very appealing. As a result, Zultanite® fairs much better in mixed lighting than other color changing gemstones, plus the very nature of its colors suit a wider variety complexions, fashions, personalities and styles.

Emerald by day and Ruby by night, Alexandrite is the quintessential color changing gemstone that started interest in this phenomenon. Alexandrite comparisons illustrate the uniqueness of Zultanite®’s color change. While their colors can be similarly dramatic, Zultanite® is differentiated by its plethora of light sensitive hues.