The Zultanite® Authenticity Guarantee is a plastic card with an embedded hologram that verifies each genuine Zultanite® to be of entirely natural origin, ethically mined with environmentally safe techniques and neverenhanced.

The Zultanite® Authenticity Guarantee also includes vital statistics, origin and care information.


In addition to our Authenticity Guarantee Card, starting in 2018, all Ottoman Cut and Asscher Cut Zultanite® as well as our single stone collection (over 3 carats) will come with the Zultanite® logo micro-laser inscribed on the girdle of the stone, similar many high end laboratory certified diamonds.

The girdle runs around the outer edge between the upper crown facets and the lower pavilion facets. This thin outer edge, seperates the upper part of the gem from the lower section.

The laser inscription gives the you greater assurence of authenticity when purchasing Zultanite®.
The inscription is invisible to the naked eye and difficult to see under 10x magnification to the untrained eye.